Big Town Dance 舞动全城

   上个月我在手机网络查看有什么好看的电影。。。吗?!? 查出 #舞动全城 特别好看的一个舞动节目、而且节目里有 (0.5的爱情 男主角 — 蒲巴甲), 苏醒 和 特地带他的舞团帅哥们一起参加。

               Last month while I was searching for some good program to watch. I found this program called “Big Town Dance  舞动全城”. Which it featured an actor, singer & dancer Pu Bajia, Allen Su and their handsome dance team crews.
image               第一季在香格里拉市 [ 2014/07/18 – 2014/09/06 (6 episodes)] 、是蒲巴甲自己或舞团帅老师们找香格里拉市的格同不同的职业 行业的人来参加舞会。还有第二季在东莞市 [ 2014/09/20 – 2014/10/18 (5 episodes)] 、是苏醒自己或舞团帅老师们在东莞找格同不同的职业 行业的人来参加舞会。在1-11集 来跳舞的 — 有些不会跳舞都会去想学会不同的舞蹈动作、 不关他们舞多难的学会但看他们很认真用心的跳。 看起来他们练习不多时间但最后还是跳的非常棒、 还有舞团帅老师们都很有耐心地教好他们无论他们是叔叔,阿姨,孕妇,有困难的年青人都一样帮他们解决、互相帮忙。

               每天看一集的时候就会想如果他们来我们城市,我也会想参加他们、学会自己没跳过的舞蹈动作。 但是这个节目已经结束了已经看完第一,二季。 我在想有第三 四…季吗?#好期待

               下面的图片是我在看 #舞动全城第一,二季 的时截图起来还有edit在一起的、有些我觉得 #好笑 #开心 #开玩笑 #跳舞 #帅气  #跳舞姿势 #非常棒的舞








这个有点好笑。 你们觉得呢?


I think this is the best funny part… where he(阿斌哥) has to speak in english to invite the people working in the office.


我就觉得 OoooWh~

image            image

                                        Crew Member secrets when in their hard/ difficult times



These kids are awesome




My Experience during our Dance (千手觀音)

           Thousand Hands Boddhisattva Dance group (千手觀音)

           People be like What?!?! Thousand Hands Boddhisattva dance with thousands of girls on the stage?!?! LOL It’s actually impossible to find thousands of girls in just a month and on top of that think of the stage where are they going to perform lol…. So we end up having like 12 girls perform for this dance.

           In just a month left for the Chinese New Year 2015. We have this shows organized by Indian Chinese Association for Culture, Welfare & Development to be perform on the 15th February, 2015.


           I tell you, our dance practice schedule was to start from 10th & 11th January(just weekends practice) but unfortunately our dance teacher had some problem so we all started from the 17th(which is next weekend). We were told will be using almost all hands movements then, we all started with this weird exercise moves[ I said weird because we were doing the art technique for the first time like Horsestands, stretching, pulling, learning the martial art moves(of course:  for girls self-defense).]

           Just like almost every weekend and some holiday, we started off with our exercises, stretching first then practice our hands movements. All these are to train our legs, body, and of course our hands flexible and strong so that on the day of our show we don’t feel numb in ourselves as we were told our performance is for 5 mins and that we have to stand in one line with our heels on without our legs moving but using all our hands movements.

Here are some of our dance practice pictures at the Temple 😀

d1d2  d3

This is how we all girls practiced with our smile on our face to our first time ever exercise moves. LOL… 😛

As days go by, with our dance practice not yet ready we had our bad and good news by our teacher that we are to perform for the Chinese New Year Reception by Counsel General Of China in Kolkata.

Though we just count our days of practice its like a week practice then off you go… hahaha…     Bad news is our dresses were’nt ready yet and nothing is decided as to what to wear so somehow at the FGS temple they have some of the costumes which they wore years back and those were of use in just a short time. And good news is that we are going to Hyatt.

On the main day( 12th February, 2015) Tada,

1Our Golden Heels

Before we set out Group Pictures (below) :]

Desktop1IMG-20150224-WA0004IMG-20150213-WA0000 6

 Group pictures with teacher and ShiFu *sorry last picture kind of blurry but its the only picture we had taken with them* (Above) 😉


View inside our packed car with girls, except for the front row they are MEN LoL… (Above) 😛

IMG_1475Arrived at the Hotel

 IMG_1459Walking to our Ladies Restroom

While we all are waiting inside the Ladies Restroom, you know what to do right? Click click click *Fun, Sisters time, funny faces, selfies(that turned not so perfect), excited as well as nervous,tensed faces* No matter how much bad you look in the pictures. Those were the days, the memories in our minds, the moments we all spent together laughing, fooling around are never forgotten. (Below) <3<3<3<3

 IMG-20150213-WA0002 4IMG-20150213-WA0003 IMG-20150213-WA0005 9 2IMG-20150224-WA00008

The group picture with the Tibetan Dance women. (Above)

The Small Stage that we almost thought we all 12 girls won’t fit in, but we actually fit in with small gaps inbetween us making us look funny and show everyone how close we all are and how we all coordinated with eachother. hehehe… 🙂 (Below) ;P

10 7 11 12

Those are all the pictures we have taken during our dance, I know it’s not that good but we needed more practice and we know where are all the wrongs we have done. Great thing about this is we started with the music together and ended at the same time which our teacher thought was not possible(in his head thinking: we will be ending the dance faster than the song)

IMG_1464Now every got changed in their own lovely dresses. It’s time to ENJOY the party Yeah!!! ^^

 Collages #Drinks #Girlsjustwanttoparty

After the 12th Feb night, we all practiced our dance very seriously without doing anymore mistakes with just 2 days of practice for 2 hours, for our 15th Feb show(main day of our dance performance) *you know Paparazzi* ;P

Invitation card by the Indian Chinese Association for Culture, Welfare & Development 2015.


           You won’t believe we got all our dresses day before our show and we all we like what if our dresses have problem this and that, but actually everyone fits perfectly  in their own dress hehehe… *what a tailor! GoodJob!*

           And for our hands*long golden nails*  nothing’s prepare beforehand and on the main day we started making it : (below) :

IMG-20150215-WA0001 Idea given to us by our teacher :((

2015-04-21 20.11.31

Our way of doing*but we did use something to secure it, just a sample* :)) 😛

           On the main day, we all were supposed to leave at 4:30pm but the car pickup came at 5pm which made us all tensed and late for our show as to when, where to change, what time we are to perform, whom to ask and blah blah blah. Nevertheless, our dance was schedule a bit late and there was still time for us to prepare ourselves. ^^

 1517 18 Teretti Bazaar 19 20 Teretti Bazaar 1 Teretti Bazaar 2

Those are few of the pictures we managed to get. :DD

Thank God, we all just finished our dance that night and heavy rain poured down all of a sudden.

Thank you for taking your time, this is my first long long blog I’ve ever written sorry about the late post.






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How is everyone New Year Resolution? How things going to be? + this and that….?

My 2014::::
Before starting the year of 2014, almost everyone has high expectation for this coming year to be a great year. But for me I would say the starting of the month has not been good at all because I’ve been having and suffering from sickness, sore throat, ….. At the same time was very busy before our Chinese New Year (CNY)’2014 Year of the Horse’. During CNY we all enjoyed hanging around,having lots of fun, celebrating, eating, laughing. After Chinese New Year I felt sick again and the same goes on…
But these two months (Jan&Feb) its all about CAKES and FOODS. It’s like things been good means good and things go bad it really turns bad.

Do you think once you reached 20 you need to get married? Why get marry at early stage?
After CNY obviously you grow one year older, but that does not mean that once you reached 20 you definitely have to get marry. Or in another way, you don’t have a partner? Then it’s high time you get hook or date someone… Blah blah….. It’s totally bullshit. I don’t see a point why get marry at early stage? It’s totally pointless when you know nothing :as in know more about your partner,about life ahead,….: and you so silly that you go marry so early. Darn. for those who think to get marry so early are good then good for you. But those a no no to that means a no no, your time has not yet come so wait till you find someone right and marry at the right time.