Met New People 

I know am not that good in writing any stories but I want to share something from my experience and meeting people from other countries.

I am a shy and silent person who doesn’t talk much. After I joined work I slowly started communicating with people. Usually, when there’s people near me and I’ve got nothing to talk about I just stay silent until an unless I’ve got something to say. *I am not a talkative person, I hardly communicate with older people*

So, this year I traveled to Delhi – Agra – Jaipur (Golden Triangle) again. But this time there’s no fun at all, it’s like you’re traveling with !?duh?!.  Apart from my boring trip there are a few times its nice so actually have some fun and communicate with people.

I met a Beijing guy in Jaipur @ Nahargarh Fort ticket booth. From there I came to know that he was traveling alone in India, I remembered he told me he traveled to South India and then came to Jaipur after that he was planning to go someplace else. I told him that’s very impressive, he can speak not fluent English but ok, atleast he can still communicate with people hehehe… He even planned to travel to Kolkata so I suggest him a guesthouse to stay in. But after thorough research he thinks it’s beyond his budget so he went to the hotel which is quite cheap, small and enough for his satisfaction. 
I met another Beijingner a retired grandfather, his story is quite interesting as he tell me his story about tour in India. Firstly, he is a retired grandfather who took care of his granddaughter everyday he send her to school and pick her up. Since it’s winter breaks he planned to travel the world now all by himself. (This is the third time he’s travelling alone during winter breaks with his professional camera to capture the beauty). Secondly, he is a bit old a lonely traveller who is not afraid and bravely travels, he himself don’t speak nor understand English/Hindi, he only know Chinese. Fourthly, he said while he was traveling he faced two problems – 1. getting in the wrong train from the wrong station. 2. Went to the station a day before boarding a train to Bodh Gaya, then he was informed about the date – the next morning he went to the station early but the train got delayed that day, the train arrived he got on the train he saw an Indian guy with a US girl going to Bodh Gaya but the three of them missed the station and went overboard. Fifthly, he went to shop Indian wears for his granddaughter all those cost him around 10k (Indian Rupees) but as compared to him it’s ok to spent enough for his granddaughter. Lastly, Beijingner grandfather said all these troubles and travels are totally worth it as he has captured the best moments in his camera.

*He is not a professional photographer, it’s just his hobby to click pictures so beautifully and naturally like a professional*

Below are some of the photos you might thinks it’s googled but no it’s all clicked by him 




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