How is everyone New Year Resolution? How things going to be? + this and that….?

My 2014::::
Before starting the year of 2014, almost everyone has high expectation for this coming year to be a great year. But for me I would say the starting of the month has not been good at all because I’ve been having and suffering from sickness, sore throat, ….. At the same time was very busy before our Chinese New Year (CNY)’2014 Year of the Horse’. During CNY we all enjoyed hanging around,having lots of fun, celebrating, eating, laughing. After Chinese New Year I felt sick again and the same goes on…
But these two months (Jan&Feb) its all about CAKES and FOODS. It’s like things been good means good and things go bad it really turns bad.

Do you think once you reached 20 you need to get married? Why get marry at early stage?
After CNY obviously you grow one year older, but that does not mean that once you reached 20 you definitely have to get marry. Or in another way, you don’t have a partner? Then it’s high time you get hook or date someone… Blah blah….. It’s totally bullshit. I don’t see a point why get marry at early stage? It’s totally pointless when you know nothing :as in know more about your partner,about life ahead,….: and you so silly that you go marry so early. Darn. for those who think to get marry so early are good then good for you. But those a no no to that means a no no, your time has not yet come so wait till you find someone right and marry at the right time.